MFT 2019 Card Superstar Contest – Category 2

Okay, I color, A LOT. In fact, it is my favorite thing about card making. I use every kind of marker, pencil and other medium I can get my hands on. In this contest, I tried to show a little of everything. This entry is watercolor painting. My Animation entry is Copic and my CAS entry (next one I will post) is Colored pencils. I want everyone to know, you don’t have to have the most expensive things to color and enjoy your card making. I hope you enjoy this category as I am really working on my water coloring. I have begun taking classes and really like it. Here it is… the background is completely free hand. I also painted the pumpkin because I thought it would be nice to use it to blend the foreground with the background.

2 thoughts on “MFT 2019 Card Superstar Contest – Category 2”

  1. And you color beautifully in every medium! I love how the little girl has one foot behind the leaves and the other on top. That is a fun way to create depth. Your pumpkin is beautiful, as is your background.


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